Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Resident

WOW! The return of Hammer Horror. A film with Christopher Lee! What can go wrong? Well, actually nothing so much as went wrong, just my expectations were a tad high. Hammer was the british studio responsible for some of the best horror films ever made. So we should welcome the return of the name and hope it can live up to its glorious blood red past.

This film has a pretty resident trying to find a place to stay in New York. Well, she finds the perfect place. The owner and manager seem ok at first, the only hint of hinkey is that Christopher Lee is grandpa. Well of course he's not ok, he's like super stalker and then some. It doesn't take long before he's sucking on her fingers from under the bed while she's asleep. He's also using the crawlspaces in the walls to keep tabs on her and sneak into her apartment. This. Cannot. End. Well.

See, this isn't a bad film at all. It is really nice photographed. It has some nice scenes of tension, and other scenes like the finger sucking that just make you squirm. Christopher Lee doesn't do much, but like any potent spice he always adds to the stew. The trouble is, when all is said and done, this film could play on the Life Time Network as is. Nothing wrong with that, but baby that's not Hammer. Still it leaves me feeling rather optimistic. I will look out for the new Hammer name.

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