Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Definitely a bit different.  This film is set in the down dirty and poor area of London.  Our main character has never had it easy.  Specially because his face is marked with a large heart shaped birthmark.  Things get even worse as hoods who are suppose to be wearing demon masks go running around throwing molotav cocktails at people.  Still, it is often in the strangest of places that one might find a new life, or a new face.  But you know what they say about deals with the devil.  Perhaps, our hero has a new face, but can he look at it in the mirror?

Perhaps not a new take on the Faustian bargain, but it certainly feels much fresher.  The characters are interesting and there's some brains behind the script.  The supernatural elements are kept potently mostly in the corners.  I liked one early scene in a graveyard because it reminded me of a similar scene in the first "Phantasm."  Certainly worth a look or two!

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