Sunday, April 24, 2011


Wow, a syfy saturday movie I didn't feel like I was completely lobotomized after watching. Maybe I'm getting soft, maybe the viewings are wearing my resistence down. I'll have to be carefull or soon I'll be watch WWE.


Anyhoo, bunch of soon to be dead people take an RV through scenic Ireland. They pass teh scenic part and drive right into Irish Hillbilly heaven. The don't need a kid with a banjo to know they are in "Deliverance" territory and they all sure do got a purty mouth. Still, being young and stupid they interact with the local gypsy led by a balding, drunken sociopath. They steal his pendant and accidently run over mutant granny with the RV, so they are cursed to be eaten by a Roc.

Yeah, a Roc. They even say, "You know, like in Sinbad." What a Roc is doing in Ireland I'll never know, just like I'll never know how that elephant got in my pajamas. The beastie has an uncomfortable resemblance of a cross between a turkey, mothman, and that 1950's movie with the giant flying turkey monster that was a puppet. So, perhaps not so scary at first but there is some right nasty face ripping from the get go, so soon I was down with the Roc. It helps that the CGI was only half bad which is 50% better than most SyFy offerings.

The rest of the film is a mix of body bag countdown, continuing encounters with Pappy O'scum and the gang, and fighting off the Roc. A few moments of character temporary insanity aside, the film plays pretty fair with the plot and it keeps right on moving.

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