Monday, April 25, 2011

The Traveler

Val Kilmer.

Was there anyone more hot than Val Kilmer at one time? Maybe Tom Cruise. Maybe an early Marlon Brando. But for a while he was at the top. Then he sort of disappeared. Then he sort of reappeared and then he was likened to Brando in a different way. Um, he bulked out to full scale chunky. Also, his hair. Good God was it alive? Is anyone owning the oil rights to Val Kilmer's head? And for acting, well...yeah... not good.

So here he is in "The Traveler." Well he sort of found a comb. He looks a little more like himself. He also seems to doing some acting. Not quite a come back, but hey sometimes baby steps people. Baby steps.

The story has Val playing "Mr. Nobody." He walks into a spooky police station and declares that he's responsible for the death of six people. The cops, who are way too jumpy, take him in and try to get to the bottom of things. See though, the thing is Mr. Nobody is describing crimes BEFORE THEY HAPPEN, and the cops start dying one by one.

Over all a nice little thriller, and a good little film for horror fans. Certainly maybe Val, can become a heavy (sorry no pun intended), it worked for Vincent Price.


  1. I think you are right, though my personal favorite role of his is in "Real Genius." One of the best quote movies ever.

  2. Loved him in The Saint with Elizabeth Shue. He recently did another thriller style film that takes place mostly in a hotel being remodeled--people trapped in the sauna/steam room... He could certainly take on some of the heavy spookiness that Vincent did in his day.
    Amazing how he can get his eyes to go so 'shark'or 'deadlights'...

  3. Name of which is The Chaos Experiment.