Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Films I'd Remake: They Call Me Trinity

This is one case where the original film is just fine. It still makes me laugh. So why would I remake it? Because, it's hard to find a really good buddy picture, and that this is a western makes it even better.

The story is simple. In the original film Terrence Hill is Trinity, a fun loving, very lazy gun fighter. He teams up with his brother, played by Bud Spencer, to foil a Major's plan to run some peaceful farmers off their land.

The thing that makes this Italian oater what it is, is the relationship between Trinity and his brother Bambino. They aren't having a warm family reunion. Bambino, a huge gruff sort of fellow who embodies a Bluto like physical brutality, is not happy to see Trinity. He considers him something of a bug and knows he's going to wreck his plans. Trinity, decides to hang around for the girls, but you can see he loves pulling on his older brother's chains and since he has nothing better to do, why not save the day?

I also love how both characters are rather short with the world they live in. They have already done all the things to make their names in the world. In fact, they are known by many as the left and right hands of the devil. They know they are the fastest guns, and best fighters in the land, and they just don't want to play the games.

The key to remaking it would be in casting these two roles. For me the role of Bambino is easy to cast. I'd give it to John Goodman in an instant. The role of Trinity is harder for me to cast. He has to have a cross between Paul Newman looks, but sort of a goofiness. If I could go back into a time machine for a younger version, I'd get Michael Keaton. If I was forced for someone "popular" I guess maybe James Franco.

It's something to think about...


  1. Me an' our kid loved those Trinity movies, too, Lazarus - in fact, come to think of it, the whole family did, (I think there was three, wasn't there?). We only saw 'em on the telly, though.

    Ye', I agree with you, though, Goodman could play Bambino, but I'm not sure he'd be willing to play him taciturn or, for that matter, surly.

    Trinity himself, though, I can't think of anyone for - whoever plays him'd have to give off this fiendish insane glee, as if he's seen through the world and finds everything incredibly funny, and leave you wondering whether you're watching an angel that used to be a devil, or a devil that used to be an angel.

  2. There were three but God help me I can only remember the title to "My name's still Trinity." I think that Goodman can do it based on his work in Cohen's "Brother" I keep trying to think who could be Trinity cause I'd love to see a new version but you are right the more I think about it, the less names come up.

  3. Not being overly familiar with this at all, but working off the devil/angel description that borky gave, what about Clooney? Or Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead arm cutting)? Or Billy Zane (see Demon Knight)? Just throwing them out there, as that gleeful insane look has permeated all their countenances...