Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gullible Gulliver

Oh good grief. Do i really have to tell you that Jack Black sucks in Gulliver Travels? Yes yes I do. Not that you aren't wise and discerning viewers, but sometimes you can't trust critics with a property like this. Jack Black has already jumped his own shark to the point where normal critics aren't going to give him a break. So I sat down and watched this.

Banging my head horrible.

Jack plays the crazy dreamer type character he has only played in the last ninety movies. Here he's in the mail room and not going anywhere. Finally, he gets some steam and tries to impress a book editor by doing a little first hand study of the Bermuda Triangle. He's then lost and finds himself on an island of tiny people. Besides finally being the big man, everyone believes his every half hearted lies which is supposedly very funny.

Comedy timing the secret to is the. That is, The secret of comedy is the timing. This thing just lays there. The jokes go nowhere, they don't build on each other. The writing is as weak as a kitten. So, we have Jack who might be energetic but isn't trying if you understand me, and a script that isn't energetic and doesn't even know the meaning of the word "try." That leaves us with some special effects which are pretty, and that's about it.



  1. I love Jack Black, but this is akin to how I felt when Martin and Reno remade Pink Panther---I won't watch it. Knew it wasn't going to work! Glad of the confirmation.

  2. some times a reviewer starts his job with a certain fatalism. You know some movies are going to just be no fun before you get there. I tend not to report on these cause I know my readers are smart enough to avoid these dogs themselves. I sort of hope that Jack though will read all the negative reviews and maybe rethink a few career choices.