Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well this is what happens when you order blind from the library. I put in "Anime" into the search engine and out pops out a dvd called "Gravitation." I figure it's a sf type thing. I could have looked up more information, but I like keeping things as blind as possible. Surprises are half the fun.

Boy was I surprised.

First off, no sf. This is a soap opera style story of kid trying to make it big in music world. Perhaps he shouldn't have named his band "Bad Luck." I was more surprised when there was an extreme lack of a female element. It certainly quickly goes all brokedown mountain as our hero finds himself attracted to a prickly author. Will they find true love? Will our hero get a number one hit? Honestly, it's not that much different from most anime, just a bit not my thing. It was interesting to see how another culture dealt with homosexual themes which in this case was "no big deal." Sort of wish we could handle the same without hand wringer.

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