Sunday, April 17, 2011


Sherlock Holmes is a character that has gone completely meta from the source material.  There have been so many re-workings, revisionings, and just out right theft of concept that now practically anything can go.  Want Sherlock to be a multidimension cartoon cat who plays the accordion instead of the Violin?   Have at 'er maties.  That is  why I am thankful that for all of its changes "Sherlock," actually works hard to stay true to the characters as originally envisioned.

Set in the modern day, it is the adventures of Holmes and Watson.  Watson is recently back from Afghanistan and is having some difficulties getting back into society.  Holmes never really wants to be a part of society and is gleefully aware he's the smarteset person in the room.  Two misfits who are freelance (or consulting as Holmes would say) detectives that help the police.  Many in the police force aren't happy with this.  Holmes would rub a saint the wrong way, and many cops think he's a borderline psycho. 

The first episode I saw of this was fast paced, witty, and engrossing.  The mystery was fun and the characters are great even (actually specially) when they are being some what jerky.  One interesting addition is the question of Holme's sexuality.  It seems that if he cared about a human being he might be gay.  It is funny how it rankles Watson that they are always being confused as a couple.  Definitely worth a watch!

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