Saturday, April 23, 2011

Godzilla Vs. King Ghidrah

Awarding the craziest Godzilla movie would be as tough as judging the cutest baby.  I have to say, though, that Godzilla Vs. King Ghidrah would have to be a top contender.  I mean this in a good way of course.  This a film that is certainly never boring.

We start out with a normal day in Japan.  A giant UFO is flying over the country.  Who knows maybe it's an ELO reunion tour.  Meanwhile, a journalist who picked the wrong time to tire of writing about UFOs is working on a better story.  See he's found out that in WWII some japanese soldiers were saved from the Americans by a dinosaur.  His theory is that later atomic tests turned the dinosaur into Godzilla.

Amazingly the two events are connected.  The aliens aren't aliens.  Their UFO is a time machine and they are from the future.  They want to stop a catastrophy involving Godzilla.  They have the Journalist's yet unwritten book about the origin of Godzilla and propose that they go back in the past and stop the dinosaur from getting a 30,000 degree atomic sunburn (that would make you cranky too),  Seems like a plan so everyone gets into the time ship and it's forward to the past. 

Everything goes according to plan, just not to our plans.  The people from the future have their own agenda and replace the dinosaur with three way too cute flying bat/hedgehogs.  They get the nuke and they turn into Ghidrah.  SURPRISE!!

Turns out the folks from the future want to hurt Japan not save it, because in the future it becomes too strong.  Luckily for us one of the future folk decides to join our side and we now have a new plan.  Find the dinosaur and give it a nuking with modern nukes.  Well now we get a bigger and stronger Godzilla.  Let the battle begin.

This is just crazy for crazy.  Love it.  The monster fights are well done.  And for once the humans aren't in boring side stories.  Also got to love their little homage (ok, out right theft) of the terminator as the future folk sic their android on us.   Definitely worth a watch!

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