Friday, April 22, 2011

Monster of the Day: Meenlocks

Source:  Dungeons & Dragons, first printed in The Fiend Folio
Location: Nice dark places
Threat Assessment:  3.  The Meenlocks are tiny little, bristly haired humanoids that live as far away from light as they can.  Sometimes a person will come within their telepathic limits that they want.  They then telepathically torment the poor sod till they can grab him and cart him away.  If they succeed there will be, after a prolonged torturous procedure, a new Meenlock.
Limitations:  They REALLY don't like light.  They are little buggers, and their telepathic hickery pookery isn't all that strong.  They are also rather cowardly.
Personal note:  oddly enough the meenlocks seem EXACTLY like the little buggers in "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark."  But that would be daft right?  The good folks behind dungeons & dragons would never steal from another source right?

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