Wednesday, March 16, 2011


At first I didn't think the hero here was too bright. Then I had to think about his position. He's not a science fiction nerd so he probably hasn't thought about time travel too deeply. He hasn't been sleeping so that will screw with your cognative abilities. Oh, and he just saw a dead body and has been stabbed and chased by a weirdo with a bandaged wrapped head so we can add shock to the mix.

Whatever the reason he can't quite get his head around that he's now suddenly looking at an earlier version of himself. He actually gets a bit jealous as he sees himself kissing his wife. The scientist at the conveniently close by time travel facility tries to explain things to him, but its no use. Soon enough he starts getting in trouble and things go down hill fast. He gets clonked on the head so wraps his head up in a bandage and suddenly realizes...

Don't worry that's not a major spoiler. There's much more to come. It's a very intelligent film that works hard to maintain both suspense and suspension of disbelief. It's a good little film and definitely worth a watch.

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