Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eyes of the Mothman

This is a documentary about a vortex of strangeness that occurred in Point Pleasant Virginia.  The center of this vortex was the appeareance of the odd creature known as "Mothman."  A huge winged figure with burning red eyes, it was spotting in a one year period near the local cruising spot/old TNT factory/wildlife perserve.  Around this figure, the film meshes together all sorts of other weirdness that was happening at the time.  UFOs, Indian curses, and MIB are just some of the thing the film touches on.

Over all, this is a fun little feature if you are willing to take a grain or a pound of salt.  To skeptics it could be a good example of mass hysteria.  To believers it is something of a multiple choice test.  Is the Mothman a crane?  A mutant?   A mutant crane?  An alien?  A ghost?  Maybe even an angel or a devil.  The audience is left to make their own conclusions.  Who knows maybe the Mothman will show up again one day, and we can
look into those red eyes for ourselves.

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