Thursday, April 14, 2011

Psych 9

Well, it's always strange working the night shift. You'll meet the oddest people, and the dark just tends to make things a shade spookier. Now, imagine working in an abadoned ER facility. All those empty beds? Spooky. Oh, and your job is going through old files. Seeing old pictures of violence and madness. Spooky. Your security guard looks like someone gave a "Deliverance" extra a suit, and that is more than spooky.

Oh, and there are the murders. Some killer is stocking women and killing them.

This is where our heroine is at the beginning of the film. The film then follows three trails at once. It goes forward as a straight forward murder mystery of who is this killer? Is it the kindly doctor upstairs? The crazy looking security guard? The cop who just seems to show up at random? Ah, but then there our heroine's mysterious past which is somehow tied up in this very building so full of murder and madness. Finally, the place itself might be haunted, at least our heroine is seeing things that should not be there.

This film as you can see has a lot of fish in the bucket. It is suspenseful and has a lot of moments that can make you jumb. I didn't quite like the fractious editing, I perfer something sleeker, but I understand how it mirrors the fractured state of the heroine's state of mind. Definitely worth a look for the horror fan.

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