Thursday, April 14, 2011

A weird dream I swear

Mom was telling me the dog had to drive to Aunt Sandra
So I took the terrier to the garage
and put the beast behind the wheel
Job well done...

Went back inside and the house was now a trailer
and smelled old and of gun oil
Mom wasn't there but the cats and birds were
frying up something and making a stink

I went back to the garage
the little dog didn't want to drive anywhere
and had piled crap from the garage walls
onto the car and just was looking at me
tail wagging

I had enough of this
and there was a door now I never saw before
so I went through and found myself in a lab
full of lab stuff

I went around trying things
there were japanese gas masks which were smaller and cuter
and geiger and brillmen counters
and then in a corner was uncle albert
but he didn't have time for me

I left him reading the paper
but I was lost
I found my way into the back of a gun shop
and the folks there were shooting up a vampire
but it was laughing

I found silver bullets
in a case of beer
and was throwing them at the vampire
like confetti
it wasn't laughing then

The end.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! The brain 'at rest' comes up with the most awesome stuff!!!