Saturday, October 23, 2010

Carry On Camping

I'm told the "Carry On" series was a very popular series of films from the UK.  One assumes they must have been popular with someone since there were so many made.  Generally they are smirkfests along the lines of Benny Hill. 

Carry On Camping was made in 1969 and I believe it was late in the series.  I would assume so many of the characters are on the oldish side for what amounts to a teen romp.  We got two fellows who are very keen on nudist movies.  Their girlfriends are understandably less keen.  They hatch the hare brained idea to arrange their camping holiday at a nudist resort without telling their girls.  Also at the same time a girl's school is going out on holiday as well being chaproned by helpless staff.  Both groups of course come together and presumed hilarity results.

It's a very interesting artifact, both of leering comedy that promises a lot heat without really delivering and of an older, quainter Britain.  As far as the actual comedy goes, it's rather hit or miss but there were points I had a little smile.  Some parts reminded me a bit both of the already named Benny Hill and Austin Powers, so you can sort of see a family tree of comedy being formed with this being somewhat like the wheezy Uncle who comes for Christmas.

Carry on...

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