Sunday, October 31, 2010

I had a dream..

Obviously too many horror films is catching up with me.  Last night I dreamed of zombies.  These zombies were slightly different.  Oh, they were the slow, lurching, rotting zombies we've come to love.  They certainly were into trying to eat people if there were people around.  The difference was what they would do when there were no people to eat.  When they were alone they still ate.  They ate everything.  They ate all the rest of the food.  They ate any plant.  They ate the trees and scraped the paint off the buildings with their teeth.  The city was alive with the sound of dead chewing.  When they were done with whatever they ate the residue they left was fit for nothing and cursed the ground so nothing would grow where they left their middens.  So even as we, in my dream, knew we were safe behind titanium walls we also knew it was the end. There would be nothing left by the time these eaters were through with the world.

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  1. "World Nuked by Zombie Poop"

    Film not occurring at eleven.