Saturday, October 23, 2010

"On the Keys to A Darker Kingdom."

An interesting book about author Kylie Poole who wrote the celebrated "Shadows from the Sun," the first of what critics called the Inconstance series.  Author Derrick Moone has done a lot of research and has come up with something interesting.

It seems that before being a published author Kylie worked the rare book room at the Library of Londonium.  These she was exposed to a singular book written by an 8th century alchemist who wrote under the name of Rey de Lun.  The book entitled merely "Six," was a very complete dissection of Rey de Lun's theory. 

Basically, everything in the universe is the result of the intersection of prime forces.  Imagine these prime forces are like sides of a geometic object, in this case a hexagon.  There are six hexagons representing each "family of forces," and each side represents a different force.  Now arrange the hexagons so there is a whole in the middle of the arrangement.  A side of each hexagon will define this hole and in fact it will look just like a hexagon. 

Rey de Lun's belief was that everything in the universe we interact with was one of these holes defined by different arrangements of the prime forces.  The book went on to describe these forces and their more esoteric interactions, but that's not important.  I'm sure anyone who has read "Shadows from the Sun," can see how Rey de Lun's idea infected the novel and the author.  Even her last letter before going missing, "I am nothing, and I dream still," gains meaning from this insight.

Truly a masterful work of forensic criticism.

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