Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A New Challenge

Nothing defines a culture like what it eats and drinks.  Romulan Ale for example comes to mind.  I don't know how many cons I've been to where someone in a startrek "T shirt/uniform," has offered me a strange blue liquid of suspicious origins.  With that in mind, I challenge YOU the reader to come up with some new drink/food/taste and put it down here in the comments.

For example:  On the planet Klum, the natives there use the most unique spice.  It is called Haliq and it comes from a bush like plant that grows in the long low plains of the northern continent.  Harvested from the buds of that bush, Haliq appears as a greyish powder with a light almost oaky smell.  Ingestion of Haliq causes a minor rewiring of sensory input.  Colors actually have a taste.  For example, if you are looking at yellow the dish will have a more sour taste, whereas red adds sweetness.  Cooking with Haliq requires balance and a good design sense!

Now it's your turn!!


  1. Phozjul is derived from the natural evaporative process on the planet T'plujul. This process takes place in only one but very wide area on the planet. Because there is such a wide difference in temperature between night and day, nomadic tribes have discovered that the rapid condensation that occurs along the terminator causes the naturally occurring Phozjul in the atmosphere to adhere to certain mineral surfaces. It can be harvested but it must be done before the rising temperatures cause it to transpire back into the atmosphere. Unique to T'plujul is the 41 hour day so if the Phozjul is not harvested quickly, many thirsty tribesmen must wait a long time for another try. Additionally, Phozjul cannot be artificially condensed as this causes the end product to become lethal. It is still not known why this is the case, but fortunes have been offered for scientists who can safely synthesize this process as Phozjul in addition to being a very tasty drink, induces in male consumers exceptional sexual stamina, but pardoxically turns women into lesbians.

  2. nicely done, though it sounds like it would make for a frustrating society on the whole. Are you sure John Norman wasn't aware of this delicacy?