Sunday, October 24, 2010

A "Splice" of Life

Splice now is a good little horror film.  Tightly plotted and well acted.  It's fairly smart, maybe even a little two smart.  Our two named characters are named after actors from "Bride of Frankenstein,"

Yeah cute.

Anyway these two are a dysfunctional couple of genius scientists.  I had the urge to add "evil" but they aren't evil, yet.  They are trying to produce some wacky protein for their boss so they get the neat idea of adding a little human DNA into the mix.  A definite no no.  What comes out sort of looks like a worm but don't be so judgemental, have you ever seen a new born baby?  Yech.  Anyway, what they get turns into "Dren" who looks like a bald ballerina with chicken feet and a monkey/scorpion tale.  Yeah.  Note to scientists:  Better check your brew better next time.

So now this dysfunctional pair are now parents.  They take Dren to their farm into the wood there to become MAJORLY dysfunctional.  Like "It's A Hillbilly Open Still Christmas Special," dysfunctional.  The original Frankenstein's sin was in abadoning his creation.  These idiot savants get way to close to theirs.  Well of course Dren isn't going to become a well adjusted mutant with all this abuse and she goes all killing rampage by the end. 

Is their a lesson learned?  Ain't tellin'.

I liked the film, it had some nice scares and was well acted.  The special effects/make up for Dren were mostly good (One dance scene being painfully not), and Dren was fairly sympathetic at the beginning.  Dren is an alien creature who eventually cannot control its own nature or its environment, the ultimate victim.  The scientists definitely are in the moral plane the bad guys here even if they are the ones ultimately terrorized by their own creation.  They are so self centered they have no sense of their own hubris.  At least the original Dr. Frankenstein by the end had some understanding of his crimes.  You don't get that from these people.

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