Friday, October 22, 2010


You know you are in for a ride when the film starts with Adrien Brody waking up in the middle of the sky.  No back story, no set up.  Just wake up in free fall.  Saved only because of a pretimed parachute and falls into the middle of a jungle.  He gets up and there's Danny Trejo with guns.  By the way, "Danny Trejo with guns" is the answer to "Who I don't want to meet in the middle of the jungle," Alex for five hundred.

Before you know it there are others in that same jungle mostly armed to the teeth.  Well except for a Doctor, and Walton Goggins who's a crazed con.  These are trained professionals so it doesn't take long for them to realize that 1) they are on another planet, and 2) they are being hunted by cloaked, heavily armed, super strong aliens.  All this means one thing; GUN FU!  They go through so much lead that there must have been an onsite foundry.

First off, this film has an eclectic cast of fine actors and fine badasses.  Adrien Brody may not seem like one's first choice to take over from Ahnold, but he is believable smart, accurate with his guns, morally grey enough to survive with a team of killers, and most importantly very fast.  I have to give special nods to Lawrence Fishburne and Walton Goggins.  Lawrence Fishburne plays a fellow who has spent WAYYYYY TOOO MUCH TIME alone.  Walton Goggins who was great in "The Shield" is like a beefier, psychotic Don Knotts.  When his big ol' eyes go zing zanging you know it's crazy time.

This is an action packed and mostly intelligent action film.  The Predators are bigger and badder than ever but so are the humans so it's a suprisingly evenly matched hunt with some suprises for everyone.  Definitely, a must watch if you are a science fiction or action fan.

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