Monday, October 18, 2010

Last night in the Venture Verse

Definitely not a top episode in my opinion.  It had the cliched let's have everyone in the cast put on a new costume and pretend they are different people.  In this case they are representing parts of Dr. Venture's mind.  Why?  Because the evil, fanatical Monarch had snuck into the Doctor's brain and now Dr. Orpheus has invaded the Doctor's brain to oust out the first invader.  So Orpheus gets to meet Billy Quizboy as Eros, and other versions of the Doctor as his Id, Ego and Super Ego.  It's as I said fairly cliched, but does give you a good idea how pathetically the Doctor's mind works.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Monarch is finding out she has a lot more in common with Henchman 21 than she thought.  It doesn't hurt at all that for reasons of security she's dressed as a cheerleader.  Also, Brock and Sgt. Hatred begin to seriously butt horns over who is in charge of watching over the Ventures.  You know you are on the bottom of somebody's list when you just get one skittle.

Overall, there's just too much going on this episode.  That is why really the best thing is actually a very quiet bit at the end.  After the credits, they come back and the Doctor has a long monologue about his life.  It really gives context and a bit of sympathy over why he's such a pathetic bastard.  One thing the creators of the Venture Brothers truly understand is how close comedy and tragedy can be.


  1. I am not a consistent watcher of this program. I came in a little late last night, but stuck with it to see what the hype is about...guess it was a poor choice of episodes to go with for that!
    Did the female cheerleader have such a masculine voice because she was an extension of the Dr, or because she was Mrs Monarch? The tension was a new thing between the big guys? That kind of grated. And yes, a single Skittle is some kind of personal affront!
    I will watch again if I catch it, not gonna program it to record though....

  2. coming in late to an episode can be hazardous so I'll give a quick 411 to your questions.

    1) that was Mrs. Monarch dressed as a cheerleader, she was disguised thusly to throw off the moppets who would have twigged that the Monarch was using an illegal mind control device.
    2) there has never been any love between Brock and the Sgt. but things have gotten worse since Brock came back since he's the obvious choice to take care of the boys. Who are you going to choose? Sgt. Hatred recovering pedophile or Brock Samson swedish murder machine with the power to know when anyone has touched his car?