Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Masks Make the Man (or Monster)

So the list continues.  Some of these are of a more practical variety than earlier masks.  At least they provide a little protection from the elements. 


Right, you are known associate of Han Solo.  You are going to sneak into the Hutt's palace (as opposed to the Hutt's Hut) who is a gangster so probably has at least some clue as to who are players and who arent.  So you go in wearing a funky helmet with a toothy chin guard as your disguise?  Yeah, Lando you should work better on your disguise specially if you are going to be the only black man in three films.


Now I said that the make up that is needed to make the Predators didn't count, but then they put a mask on top of it.  What a mask it is too.  It clearly hints at the alien nature of the Predators without giving too much away.  Also, it has a lot of nifty functions.  It clearly has a computer in it or access to it, and it is processing all the predators see and hear.  Also, if it doesn't provide life support when on earth it at least provides some comfort.  Add that halo of alien dredlocks and its a nasty looking functional mask.


Probably one of the best things about the first three films (that was wrecked in the next three) was Darth Vader.  Who could not see that mask coming and not feel a sense of dread.  Part Storm trooper, part robot, pure evil.  That's our Darth.  It always came as a surprise when he let his guard down enough to expose that there was a living being under that seemingly impenetrable armor.  The mask also was very important in that it was part of the system that kept what was left of Vader alive.  So it was an image of fear and also something of his cage.

Of course, some people prefer Boba's more worn armor over Darth's shiny blackness.  But really, come on.  You think "Star Wars" your first thought is Darth, not some bounty hunter.

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