Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last night a disapppointing halloween Season begins

OH the syfy network has been doing halloween for about a month, but really what do they have otherwise to do, quality programs?  Please.  Generally nowadays there's a good two weeks of halloween stuff before the big night.  Suits me just fine, halloween is my favorite time of the year.  For one thing, people just naturally assume I'm wearing a mask.

Last night the Cartoon Network unleashed their new Scooby Doo live action movie.  After a series of thumbs up from me, last night's offering got only a "meh."  It's sort of tough to kick a film like this cause I have to stay sane realize I'm not the audience for it.  I'm sure kids will enjoy it more than enough and it doesn't damage the franchise.  For the record, the gang is doing a stint of summer jobs to pay off a burnt out barn caused by a previous case.  Daphne and Fred are now a real couple and Shaggy thinks about putting the moves on Velma.  In the midst of this relationship do-ci-do there is the mysterious frog monster threatening everyone.  Can the gang get it together to solve the mystery?  Of course they do. 

On the plus side, the mystery was sort of fun and there were enough kooky characters to keep things interesting.  My favorite was played by Richard Moll who is always a joy to see.  It made me want to see if "Night Court" was playing somewhere.  While it was completely out of context with the current characters there was also a fun faux 1960's music video with the gang doing a song.  Velma was on drums, I think I like that.


I've said it before, I'll say it again.  I hate mission creep that happens to channels.  There should be no pro wrestling on the syfy network, there SHOULD be music on MTV, and it's called the freakin' CARTOON network.  What is with all the live action stuff happening on the CARTOON network.  Now admitedly Scooby Doo is more cartoonish than some of the other offerings now on the cartoon network but still it rankles a bit.  This is specially true, since there is already a very decent new version of the animated scooby doo.  There really was no need for this.

My main problem though is the problem I've had with every single live action version of scooby doo thus far.  The CGI scooby is just wrong and monstrous and not fun at all.  It is the glaring problem in nearly every single scene.  It really just hurts.

After the movie they had a preview for their new show "Tower Prep."  After grousing about live action on the CN, I guess it's a bit hypocritical to be interested in this.  I do wish it was on syfy, or nick, but honestly I do fine the idea of redoing "Thre Prisoner" as student vs. school interesting.  Nowhere in our society is the power structure so naked and universal experience than that of our school days.  I'll be keeping track on how that show develops.

Meanwhile Syfy, was showing its usual movies.  Return of the living dead 4 and 5 started out the pack.  Also my annoyance.  I'm feeling particularly Andy Rooney, but it is in my heart.  Why show the last two crappy film of a series?  AMC would always do this showing like halloween bajillion and bajillion and one.  If you are going to show a series, then SHOW THE SERIES.  Don't leave out the touch stone, the spark that started it all, the frickin' CONTEXT.  Send more zombies indeed.

Their highlighted film for the evening was "Kill Theory," and it is just a sad sad sad "Saw" clone.  Young people are in an isolated place and an insane killer wants to prove a point with improbable traps and mind games.  Less said the better.

Come on people, halloween is coming soon.  Let's step it up!!  At least I have "The Walking Dead to look forward to.


  1. My problem with all cartoons, is they rarely make any new episodes!! The Cartoon Network, Disney, Nick, any of them. It's like they repeat the same 10-25 pieces, sometimes 4-5 times in a day. (so they turn to live action)
    Are attention spans really that short in our youth?!?! Yes, I do find a certain amount of comfort in watching the same movie again, it's familiar, but 4-5 times a day?!?! No. Courage the Cowardly Dog, Cow and Chicken, these were great but apparently either they didn't get budgets or the artists/actors gave up? What happens to kill cartoons off before they really get rolling? A lack of creativity from seeing the same things over and over and over again? I'd like to know. Granted Gennedy's new show has potential, but it is no Samurai Jack. Did I miss the epic battle and win over Aku? Is that what happened?

  2. nope didn't happen, but there is hope. There have been plans in motion for a samurai jack movie.