Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Night of the Demons

If you are of a certain age and like horror movies you will remember the original "Night of the Demons," the film that definitely proved that Linnea Quigley + Lip stick + her balcony = What the holy hell???? It was low budget for low budget and had basically ten seconds of plot.  What it did have was a great setting, a wonderful spooky halloween feel, some good music, neat make up, and girls girls girls.  Sure they were possessed girls, but if you were male and of a certain age you can look past those little problems. 

There was a sequel of course which was good nature fun and featured a nun who used a ruler like a katana, but overall the film was nicely blessed with a lack of sequels.  Now just before halloween we have this remake popping out.  So how is it? You know I don't want to go all old folksy and go like "The original was better" in some knee jerk way.  Sure, that is often true not, but not always.   Carpenter's "The Thing," is for my money a far better film than the original.  So I tried to watch this with an open mind.

Like any good horror movie it starts right from the beginning with the scariest thing in the film:  Edward Furlong.  Remember him?  He was the annoying kid in Terminator 2.  Anyway, he's here and OH GOOD GRIEF HE LOOKS LIKE FREEKIN' GOLLUM. Holy hell!  Is it possible to grow up, bloat and deflate all at the same time?  Wow.  Hold on I'll be right back.

Still holding?

Great, back.  Wow.  That's just sad.  Anyway.... um... still not too much plot.  They've upped ages here of the characters so it actually matches the ages of the young actors which is always a plus.  A bunch of folks here are in a scary spooky mansion having a party.  Don't see Linnea Quigley anywhere.  The mansion is ok, but not near as scary as the original funeral home mansion.  Still don't see any Linnea Quigley.  The blood effects are ok, but fairly convention.  No Linnea.  They have a lip stick scene and while grosser it doesn't hold a candle in weirdness to the original.  Still no Linnea.  There's some sexy and sexy girl demons but no one is having sex in a coffin with a top heavy asian chick.  Films end without any Linnea Quigley.

Nope nope nope.  It's an ok horror film.  It has some fun bits.  The special effects are decent.  OH NO BEAT EDWARD FURLONG BACK INTO HIS CAGE.  BACK BACK I SAY TOAD BOY.  Um... where was I, oh right.. overall an ok film but doesn't hold a candle to the original even if the original was cruder and cheaper.

Here is a bit from the original film.  I'm sorry there is a swear word at the end. 

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