Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Zombies

I don't know when exactly this became a trend, but there are now complete idiot guides to everything.  So I guess why not Zombies.  It's a harmless little book.  Sort of like a Wikipedia with you know.. those funny things that flap around.. oh yes PAGES.  Anyway, it provides a good springboard to further research and is a fun read in itself. 

However, they diss my favorite zombie movie "Return of the Living Dead," and that dear readers cannot stand.  They write:

"Most zombie fans have two main issues with these films.  Number one, this was the first movie to depict zombies eating the brains of the living.  This makes no sense, since without a brain, the whole idea of reanimation becomes a little hard to swallow.  Second, zombie fands did not like the idea that the "return" zombies could not be killed with a blow to the brain.. because they didn't have brains to being with."
Oh where to start, where to start.  Ok, 1)  "Most zombie fans?"  Most zombie fans I know love Return of the Living Dead, rest of the series not so much but that's another kettle of fish sticks.  2)  You don't want to think too deeply about reanimation anyway bucko, it's always hard to swallow.  2.5) For those who watched the film closely anything contaminating by the chemical trioxion got reanimated.  That included split dogs and even butterfies pinned to a wall.  3)  All the zombies did have most of their brains as they were infected by the trioxin and not by zombie bites.  Those zombies that rose later did suffer some brain damage but they still had a good deal of their brains intact as it only took a little brain for a zombie to feel good and by the time that feeling faded it was no longer a living brain.

Yes I am a nerd, a zombie nerd.

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