Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Thursday and we got Masks

Well here I go again.  I can tell this has been a popular series.  Thank you all coming around and see and be sure to leave a little feedback if you can.  Span us if you would.  Now without further adooing...


Ok, it might be unfair to pick on a kid's show.  Still, when your mask screams "PLASTIC," that there is a fail.  When the halloween costume knock offs from the 99 cent store look like the real thing, then it is time to hang your color coded head in shame. 

Total Recall had some Arnold and other great mutants and a pre-Inception mind blowing script.  But there are three things everyone remembers: three breasted hooker, Arnold's eyes popping out like snail eyes on a stalk, and this little number.  It doesn't even really make sense.  Is this the tardis of masks? Where does it have room for the big red fusion chamber shown above and a human head?  Where does a guy on the run buy a mask like this anyway?  Jolly Jakes Hellacious Cybernetic Monstrosities?  Luckily, we are happy not to think deeply about the hows and the wheres as this head peels off and then explodes, but not without a final appropriate Arnold line.


Dr. Phibes was horribly burned (they always say horribly burned, I don't think anyone is ever happily burned but never mind) and so goes around wearing a Vincent Price Mask.  Luckily Dr. Phibes is being played by Vincent Price.  However, the ever hammy (I love him but it's the truth) Mr. Price goes along with the gag and when wearing his own face keeps it as immobile as if it were really a mask.  Actually a very nice bit of acting and really rather creepy.  Extra points goes to the fact that Dr. Phibes can only talk by jabbing a cord from the back of his neck to a phonograph. 


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