Monday, October 25, 2010

The Masks of halloween Part One

Masks are a very important part of halloween so why not a top ten of the best masks?  Why not indeed!  Now make up does not count.  It has to be  mask and a mask that the CHARACTER wears not the ACTOR to become the character.  So, here's the first part.

DISHONORABLE MENTION:  The Phantom of the Opera.

Now the Phantom used to have a fairly rocking mask, then he went all broadway then hollywood now he has something that would barely count as an eyepatch.  Not only is this not really a mask but it goes counter to what the Phantom was.  We are talking about a character that hid his scarred face away from others by living with a sewer.  That tiny mask there could barely cover a zit!

10.  Noodles from Melancholy Hill

I LOVE this mask for it's simplicity.  I mean it looks like something you could pick up at a fair.  But it is also not just pretty but can be read in several ways.  Is it a cat's face there or a butterfly? 

9.  The Martians from "The Martian Chronicles"

Here we have one of the better imaginings of an alien culture.  The mask looks like it used ceremoniously and certainly gives the wearer a certain gravitas.  It is both coldly mathematical in form yet there is something of the insect there.  Certainly if someone was wearing that mask I'd pay attention.

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