Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I love watching Chopped. For reality tv it excites me far more than Survivor ever could. The premise is simple. Cooks are given mystery ingredients and then cook like mad. Their wares are tasted and one is chopped from the competition as the rest go on to the next course. It is always interesting how they deal with odd ball ingredients. But why limited to professional chefs? Here's my challenge. I'm going to list ingredients and you come back with how you'll cook them. The one I deem a winner will get a certified "no prize" in the mail.

Ok, ready? Here goes... your ingredients are:

Red Cabbage
powdered sugar
chicken thighs
...and sardines

have fun!


  1. Grind sardines down to a paste, blending with a small amount of olive oil. Rinse thighs, pat dry. Rub thighs with sardine paste. Fry in hot skillet to tan. Remove browned thighs, roll in powdered sugar and set aside under cover to keep warm.

    Chop Walla-Walla sweet onion. Julienne carrot(s). Shred red cabbage.

    Toss cabbage, chopped onion and carrots into skillet on a simmer temp. Stir and flip to make sure it all starts to go limp.

    Meanwhile, pick meat off the thighs and add to the simmering mixture.

    Using slotted utensil, remove veggies and chicken from the skillet, draining as you do and dumping into a bowl. Toss with apple cider vinegar cut with the powdered sugar, adding spices to taste.

    Serve in warmed soft bread bowls (not sourdough). Top with a dusting of powdered sugar, or sliced black olives, if desired.

  2. OMG OMG
    That is FANTASTIC
    The top prize of the show is 10,000 you'd sure to be a winner!

  3. Okay I will give this a shot. Grind the sardines with some of the oil they were packed in and some capers and black pepper and some calamata olives into a paste. Grill the thighs and debone. Spread the sardine tapinad on a piece of rye bread and stack the chicken and shreaded cabbage on and cover with another piece of rye. Dip the whole sandwich in an egg and cream mixture and place on grill cooking on all sides. Cut and sprinkle with the powdered sugar and serve with this tomato jam recipe on the side for dipping. enjoy this version of the monte cristo

  4. also very tasty, certainly with recipes like this the skill of the cook would be the tie breaker!

  5. @Mark! Nicely done. I find tapenade to be too salty for my taste, but with the Monte Cristo-type cooking of the sandwich, just might be right!