Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Want You!

What we want, what we really need, is a new Vincent Price.  Or a new Boris Karloff.  We need someone with some CLASS who would like to be in horror films.  I mean I love him but when we have to go to Sid Haig as our go to horror guy we are at a low reserve.

So, if can act, be refined, and willing to act in lot of horror films, report your butt to hollywood right now.  A british accent would certainly be a plus.  Must look good in a tux and in a casket.


  1. Hey! Are you saying Bruce can't be classy? Come on! He's got class, he's got style and a miracle smile! Ok, maybe not a miracle smile, but damn, he will go the extra mile to get the shot!!!

  2. Bruce is good but he can't do it alone. There was once Vincent and Boris and Basil Rathbone, peter lorre... the giants.

  3. Sid Haig is something special though. I went to this horror weekend thing once with my wife. Tony Todd (aka Candyman) was there and it seemed like he could be a High School track coach. Sid was by far the scarest person in person. The shape of his skull, the sound of his laugh, everything about Sid was even more chilling in person.

    If you were on street and Sid Haig asked you for spare change, you would say "That's the scariest homeless person ever!"

  4. True true, I didn't mean to pick on sid. I was using him as a stand out figure and pointing he's like the lone tree where we need the mighty forest.