Sunday, September 19, 2010

Forbidden Planet

Forbidden World isn't so much forbidden as forbidding. it's a desolate rock that just HAPPENS to look like the rocks that Captain Kirk fought the Gorn on. That is just one bit of coincidence that occurs in Roger Corman's "Forbidden World." Look and see footage from "Battle Beyond the Stars," and other Corman goodies. Also, they managed to reuse set from other films, and reuse its own footage in various odd flashybackyforwardy things that defy explanation. This is less a film, and more a primer on how stretch a sow's ear into a sow and end up with a kangaroom.

This was made around the same time as "Galaxy of Terror," but it lacks the interesting cast and story. Instead we get a basic "Alien" rehack. Our hero and robot side kick go to the forbidden planet cause the scientists have screwed up. They now have on the loose a horrible beast that chews up people and turns them to goo. Can our hero save the day? Why is that scientist coughing so much?

It's silly stupidity, but if if you can handle a D grade Alien you might find some fun.

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