Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Ideas

So, one thing that occurred to me the other day is how neat an african western would be, or a western with africans. The Masai have traditionally valued cattle. While we weren't looking for immigrants from Africa post civil war, I can see somehow a pair of Masai brothers riding the Kansas prarie with their cattle. Call it the brothers MaBing. It could be good!

Lately, scientists are finding the universe is a good deal odder than we thought. More to the point they have that a constant we thought was well... um, constant.. isn't quite so constant. That this constant is very important for life to evolve makes for a very interesting opportunity for a sf story. Imagine a first contact story complicated by the idea that the aliens come from a part of the universe has a different constant from ours. Can we even meet? Or do we have to find some border area (natural or artificial) between these constants. What could we have in common? Just a thought.

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