Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well first there was "Open Waters," and then there was "Thirst," so why not round up with a trilogy of people having to survive an over abundance of nature.  "Frozen," is in some ways better than "Thirst," but not quite as good as "Open Waters," but over all it's a good film and manages to keep suspense and interest up in one of the crampest sets imaginable.

Unlike "Thirst," our heroes are not incredible doofusses (doofussi?).  It's not like they were planning on going into the deep mountains with nothing but a wind breaker and semaphor flags.  No, our three young people are just doing a little snow boarding and not even the extreme stuff.  What happens is just a combination of bad luck.  They scalp tickets onto the chair lift, and the chair lift operator is called away, and the upshot is they are now stuck for what could be a week 50 feet off the ground in blizzard weather. 

First, of course there is denial.  Of course, someone one will figure out there's just been a little mistake.  We'll all laugh about this later.  Then comes the annoying problems which suddenly gain new importance like how am I going to pee? 

Then comes the frost bite.

Then comes the deep dark fear.

Then that fifty feet doesn't look so far at all.  I bet I can jump down and then go get help.  I mean, it's snow right?  Snow's soft.  Fifty feet.  Not so bad.

Very nasty little film in that it combines the fear of being isolated, with both heights AND claustophobia.  The actors do a nice role and really they have to.  They are carrying the film here all the way.  If it is not as good as Open Water it is just because the older couple in that film had more interesting relationship issues that come to fore in their harrowing experience. 

Definitely worth a watch, but have a blanket handy. 

You might get a chill.


  1. It was actually a nice day when I watched this movie... then, the following day, we got inches of ice and then snow. Needless to say, I couldn't help but think about frost bite when I was out in the cold.

  2. Yeah I hate when that happens. I still don't like swimming in the seas, thanks "Jaws."