Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A little creation

There is the world.
The God Az made it
Az made everything in fact
except his brother
and his sister
Neither could create
so they were jealous
The brother wanted the world to destroy it
The sister wanted the world and would lie
and deceive to take it
Both had their hands in Az's creation
and it made him sad
He didn't want to fight his siblings
So he removed himself from his creation
until it was again pure
Well, actually he didn't remove himself totally
as that would be a hard hearted thing
He left the tools for the people of the world
to fight back

There were ten dreams
Each dream was a prophecy
but every dreamer saw different details
Each dream exerted a price
but that didn't stop the seers
from trying to experience all ten

There were nine keys and eight gates
Each key unlocked a gate to a realm
still pure and full of power
the ninth key unlocked anything

There were seven crowns
the symbol of divine authority
and responsiblity
no one who wore one
could act against the the best interest
of the kingdom

There have been six censors
Each censor has arose when the world
was being very wicked
burning with divine fire they would set example
for all to witness
Their names have been removed from history
Their tombs now fortress
less they rise again

There are five living saints
Each granting powers to those in need
One faces each cardinal directin
and one in the middle

There is more to this world
but I haven't dreamt it yet.

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