Monday, September 20, 2010


You I actually hate to review a bad film. That might seem odd for a critic type fellow like myself, but I'd rather spread happiness. I'd much rather find a good film, maybe one no one has ever heard of, and promote that. Trouble is, I see a lot. You have to go through a lot of dirt when you pan for gold dear readers, and gold is awfully rare. So sometimes everything just comes up a cropper and all I get is a wet fart little picture like "Squeal."

Well.... it had nice previews on the DVD.

Basically, people we don't care about and would rather see dead get captured by pig people and put in cages and treated like.. gasp... animals. Oh the horror, oh the horror.

I wish.

Look folks, I get it. The animals are treating us like animals. This is like PETA's dream. But, as you can see from the above description we have a problem. We don't care that these particular people are being treated like animals. I have no idea right now what their names were, I think it was "Jerky, Blandie, Slutty, Screamy, and Huh?" Look, whomever made this, just go back and try again. Pay your players more than a case of scotch, remember that a script has to have these things on it called WORDS, and maybe next time you'll be worth something.

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