Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thriller part 2

Still watching "Thriller" and enjoying it immensely. I love some of the back stories on Boris Karloff. Everyone (Bela lugosi excepted) seem to have nothing but love for the man. He was the type that every dog's tail would wag for. He was also a logger early on, and that always is good to me cause my dad was a logger.

The stand out episode this day was Masquerade with Elizabeth "Bewitched" Montgomery and Tom "newhart" Posten. They make a great daffy couple as they explore a "haunted" mansion in "Masquerade." It is the perfect Thriller show. Old mansion, crazy people, nice little twist at the end. Certainly makes you wish for more episodes. Oddly, rumor is that the show wasn't killed by ratings but because it offended Alfred Hitchcock who's own show was being produced by the same company. Being Hollywood, I wouldn't neccessarily believe the story but I don't see any real positive evidence for it.

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