Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Great Rift

I know I generally delve into the Fantastic here, but people, my dear dear readers, how can one appreciate the fantastic if you don't appreciate the wonders around you right now? I love nature documentaries. Always have. I grew up singing that silly "da da da" national geographic theme. I nearly drowned because of a love for Jaque Costeau. I was going to grow up to be an entomologist paleotologist that signed to gorillas.

"The Great Rift" captures all that wonder again and I can't recommend it enough. Set along and in the great rift in Africa it captures stuff I have never seen before, and that my dear audience takes a little doing. From the only (currently) permanent lava lake to a literal river of jungle nestled in one the great plains, there are sights that are so beautiful it would move a stone to give and give generously. If nothing else, I have never seen a monkey beetle before and now I am richer for it.

It's not just pretty pictures either. The thoughts for example on grass should give any author pause. I have never seen grass in such a predatory manner before but now I can see my lawn openly warring with surrounding trees.

Definitely watch this. I'd say watch this with kids but then it may lead to birds and bees discussion as there is definitely mating involved from time to time. But if you can handle that, definitely have the kids watch! It's a beautiful world and sometimes it's good to be reminded how beautiful it is.

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