Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what's a meta for?

Some actors start with great promise and the fall from grace.  Some luck into an early role, and then the natural inertia of their true talents bring them down.  You can decide on the reason, but the fact is after "Highlander," Christopher Lambert has been haunted the made for DVD section with regularity.

On the plus side he seems to be enjoying himself.  On the negative, I don't seem to be enjoying his performance here in "Metamorphosis," as much as he is.  Worse news, he's the best thing in the movie...well except for Irena A. Hoffman's twin talents. 

Our hero played by Corey Sevier is an ardent scholar looking into the history of Elizabeth Bathory the infamous "blood countess" serial murder, and in this movie vampire.  Well, he gathers his friends/fresh meat and they go to the old country.  There they meet Irena A. Hoffman in an improbably dress who is a very suspicious character specially considering her deep knowledge of Elizabeth Bathory.

Oh and Christopher Lambert is a vampire.  Oddly, though, he thinks he's in "Fright Night 3."  Seriously, it's like they gave him a completely different script.  I'd like to watch the film he THOUGHT he was in a lot more than this turgid mess of a supernatural dalliance.

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