Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Die-ner (get it?)

Right you lose 10,000 points for the "(get it?)" in the title. You never ask the mark if they get the joke, it hints that you don't have much confidence in their intelligence.

The plot is that folks are in the diner that begins to get full of zombies. It gets full of zombies mostly because one of the folks there is a sociopathic killer. Really, he's the only reason to watch this as the actor channels his inner ed norton to amusing effect. The rest is just blandly bad.


  1. Man! Did I lose 10,00 points even before I knew what the game was?!?!
    Nice tag to the inner Ed Norton!!!

  2. Kathryn I doubt you'd do a stand up saying "do you get it?" You don't strike me as the Joan Rivers type. So you are safe.