Thursday, September 16, 2010


If there's a name "Lopez" shouldn't there be a "Hipez?"
Would "boobies" be more festive if renamed "Hooraybies"
If you can be "ruthless" why not "ruthful?" How much ruth do you need?
Does it matter what type of shark you jump? Whale sharks don't bite.
Is it racist to label animals by skin colour? On that subject "White Rhinos" aren't. Why the lie?


  1. Maybe it exists as HighPez, being that your PEZ dispenser is above other things, or has been smoking weed...
    Hooraybies makes them sound like dangerous dogs...
    If it's a baby ruth, you can never get enough.
    Apparently it does matter what type of shark you jump, I'd definitely rather jump the non-biting kind!
    Why call Pink elephants pink? They aren't either... I don't think it's racist to label animals by their color, oh wait, humans are animals... Can't get the media to stop labeling them by color though it isn't right...

  2. maybe we should label by dewey decimal system instead.