Thursday, September 16, 2010


"Tapped!" is a documentary that just proves you can't win. Hey kids, remember when bottled water sounded like a good idea? Better than coke, or pepsi. Just good clean pure water? What can go wrong?

Or as they said in the trailers in "Westworld," "go wrong, go wrong, go..."

Ok, so basically here's the deal. Multinational corporations like Nestle form shell corporations. They find nice little towns and basically suck off all the tap water. So basically 9/10 of all bottle water is just tap water in a plastic bottle. But wait there's more, some folks are saying chemicals are leaching into the water from the bottles (doubltlessly true, but then there's always the question of how many parts per BILLIONS you should worry about.) Oh, and I forgot you are such a stupid, inconsiderate slob that you aren't recycling so now we have all those plastic bottles killing wild life. Bottles made from oil.

Don't you feel bad now? All you wanted was a bit of water and now you are killing the earth. Look, as always a bit of moderation here would be appreciated. I hate folks who will never touch tap water and live on aspen spring water whatever, but not because they are killing the earth but because they are snobs and rather silly ones at that. But, if I'm on the go I'm not going to feel an extra ten pounds of guilt because I decide to get a pint of H2o from a vending machine. That's just me, but in penance I'll go watch "Soylent Green" again.

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