Wednesday, September 15, 2010


"Necromentia" is an ugly horror film. Most horror films really AREN'T horror films. They are films that want you to JUMP when the scary killer suddenly appears on the screen, but they really don't want to horrify you or scare you. Others are gross out films, they do want you to be horrified but in the gleeful way you get horrified as a child when your little brother opens up his mouth to display his already chewed food. Rare is the film like "Necromentia" that really sort of makes you want to take a shower after the film.
The story is about people and hells. The hells they create for themselves, and the hell that we fear is waiting for us. In this particular film hell seems to be a badly lit access tunnel. It's a doorway to nothing from nowhere and it eats everything. Some folks who are not very nice want to open this door but really they don't want to be the first. So they seek some suckers who are equally twisted. Sort of, I don't know, keeping your dead girlfriend around twisted. Yeah that will work.
Obviously the best laid plans are not going to work here. What's interesting is that as the film unfolds we realize there are connections between all the characters that we didn't see before. As I said this film is just creepy and sometimes just in a way that made me want to turn the tv off. I really didn't want to see a guy who's day job is torturing people because that's their fetish. Just a bit much for me. On the other hand the effects and make up are nice and it does get an "A" for thinking outside the box. On the other other hand, I would have gleefully killed all these characters in the first five minutes, and the demon with a pig head just made me want to pull my ears off. This is definitely not a film for the casual horror enthusiast.
I'm ready for close up, Mr. Gieger

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