Friday, September 17, 2010

Something graphic

"Skelebunnies" by Tommy Kovac is not Richie Rich by a long shot. A humorous cartoon about the undead, bunnies, and a very crass devil, the thing delights in being both gross and cute. It's a hard balance to maintain and it doesn't always do so for my taste. I like some of the art, the two undead and unhinged zombie bunnies do indeed straddle the realms of cute and gross quite nicely. It's just not my cup of tea mostly. I'd be more interested in future t shirts than more strips.

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" shows that zombies can indeed improve anything. Even Jane Austin. Still the story of the intricate dance that is british upper class society it is now complicated by attacks of the lovely named "unmentionables." This graphic novel moves fast and has considerable wit. The art is ok and moves the story along, but isn't very interesting on its own. It sort of reminds me of those old classic illustrated adaptions, something not entirely unwelcome. I would certainly read a sequel or better yet a movie version.

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