Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prince of Persia

Ah reviewers have a tendency to dislike Jerry Bruckheimer. Some critics absolutely hate "popcorn" films and wish every day was 3 day pass to Cannes. To them ol' Jerry is crass, crass, and more crass. It's like wanting PBS but only getting "The Jersey Shore." Other critics like popcorn films just fine, but just have some blockage when it comes to Jerry, I think its the same reason folks never really like the guy that owns the liquor store or that guy who's a friend of a friend that you know you can buy some pot. They just seem too eager to feed your addiction.

Because of this, the news that "The Prince of Persia," only made back half its production in the box office was greeted with some mean spirited glee. I don't know, really. I hate to think I'm the sort that would wish ill on someone just cause they've been doing so well. That seems a little petty.

On the other hand I had to watch "Transformers 2"

As I wrestle with these thoughts, there is another axis. "Prince of Persia," is based on a video game. Quality wise does this film break the long considered curse over video games movie. I myself believe there have been several films that have already come very close to being classics in their genres despite being from video games, but the general perception (some what aided by the Ebert flame wars over video games and art) is that every video game movie sucks.

Well now I can honestly say, I did not think this film sucks. I did not hate it. I did not raise my fist and say "CURSE YOU BRUCKHEIMER!!" I did, however, began to lose interest after the beginning. Also the cute meet, let me your prince for tonight "romantic" back and forth between the titular prince and pretty princess was just bad. The type of lines you thought were cool in middle school. That bad.

I really can't say anything bad about Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Prince Dastan. Well, maybe now that he's got some money buy a real last name. Really people, remember when stars had star names? Victor Mature, Cliff Robertson, John Wayne. They rolled off the tongue. Now we have actors named Mikale Ryybyr. Please. The last actor with a really decent name was Vin Diesel.

But I digress...

The production of the film can't be faulted. A reverse time dagger is cool. Ben Kingsley glowers wonderfully. It's just.. hmmm where's the problem... ahhh ahhhh... I see it now.. it's becoming clear..

Five people involved in writing the story. Five.
For Prince of Persia?
Guy bouncing around with magic dagger took five people to write.




  1. To be fair with the dialog, wasn't it sort of aimed at the middle school viewers? I mean, Nick was doing specials on it, so that said "kid movie" to me. I have not seen it, but Jake isn't bad and when it gets to the set, I'll watch it...

  2. True on the target audience, and it wasn't that bad. But it seriously didn't need five writers to get to where they were going. Someone wasn't trying!