Friday, September 17, 2010

Grimm Love

Some events are rather like black holes. We see them, but we can't see into them. We generally don't venture too close because there is a fear, if only at the back of the mind, that if we get beyond some imaginary event horizon we too would be sucked into the black. "Grim Love" is a film both about the observer and the event.

The Event in this case (luckily not on NBC) is the horrible real life crim of Oliver Hartwin. Hartwin advertised in the personals that he wanted to eat someone. This wasn't a metaphor or a sexual expression. He wanted to eat someone, seriously. The amazing thing is that he found someone that said, "yes."

The observer is Katie Armstrong an american student in Germany who is retracing the life of Hartwin. As played by Kari Russel, we certainly have a fear for her sanity. She seems far too entranced by the event. At the beginning of the movie, despite the based on true events, I was laying down bets that she was either going to be dinner or go to hannibal's school of cannibal cooking.

This is just a disturbing movie, too much real life of things I wish didn't really happen. It left me down, depressed, and wanting that psychic shower to come out all clean again. Despite the skill behind the production and the abilities of the actors its just not something I could recommend to people.

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