Saturday, September 18, 2010

Head Games

"Locke & Key" is a graphic series set in the fictional town of Lovecraft. Odd things are happening in Lovecraft and it revolves around an old house and some very odd keys. "Head Games" is the latest collection I've read and it's pretty darn interesting. The heroes have found a new key that literally unlocks their head.

Imagine popping a key into the back of your neck and turning it. Then suddenly there you are with your head opened up. If you look inside, yes you can look inside your own head hole which is pretty dizzying, you can see all your memories and thoughts. Go ahead take one out see what happens. Better yet put something into your head and see what happens.

As you can guess giving a bunch of kids this odd ball power can lead to at the very least insanity. Doesn't help that someone seemingly close to them is plotting against them. Or that the horrible ghost might come back at any time.

Lock & Key is certainly great creepy fun, and the art is wonderful. Also, a small thing but I just LOVE books that come with their own cloth ribbon book mark sewn into the binding. That my friends is posh!

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