Monday, September 27, 2010

Venture Brothers Prove that Loves Mean Cashing in the Ransom Checks

Last night's Venture Brothers was not the best of the series.  The main story was sort of fuzzy.  It was a mystery involving someone kidnapping all the hired hands, henchmen, and second bananas of the ventureverse and pitting them into gladitorial games of death.  Brock has to get together with evil folk and NOT kill them as they try to figure out who did it.  The mystery didn't really go anywhere and you really didn't feel quite the energy that should be there for such a large event.

On the other hand, the "B" story was oddly touching.  Dr. Rusty Venture lays out in the driveway of their compound waiting to be kidnapped, not knowing that no one wants him.  The boys and Sgt. Hatred in a move to help Dr. Venture's ego kidnap him themselves.  As they "torture" him Hank finally wants to know why his dad doesn't seem to love him as much.  The answers may suprise.

It was a great episode for TV, just not the best the Ventures have ever done.  I liked how badass 24 just keeps evolving into.  I always love the bickering between Billy Quizkid and Mr. White.  It got so bad their capture had to yell, "Quit fighting and fight!"  There was a sad and funny exchange between Brock and Hunter Gathers about the state of one poor stripper's balcony.  All and all, fun for the whole dysfunctional comedy.

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