Sunday, September 26, 2010


Well syfy you certainly jumped the gene adled shark this time.  This really is no different from any other of syfy's recent "masterpieces."  A genetically engineered hybrid of shark and octopus gets loos and causes mayhem.  Only the pretty female scientist, and the handsome maverick scientist has any hope of saving the day.  We've seen it all before, but as the saying goes the devil is in the details. 

First they did it up like it was a big deal.  In some sense this is pretty silly, like giving everyone at a game a "participation" award.  On the other hand, since the whole thing is as funny as a three dollar bill it all makes sense.  They had the host from one of syfy's "reality" shows (i.e. run around in the dark and look scared) host the darn thing.  He'd make "funny" comments and had people from the movie come back to, for example, reinact their hulu hoop death trauma body language.  It reminded me that yesterday was also the day that Elvira returned to tv.  Like Elvira the jokes weren't getting any younger.

Speaking of jokes, what about the movie itself?  Well Eric Roberts was in fine form chewing the scenery quite nicely.  The rest of the cast was adequat to purposes of being fish food and in some cases fish food in a bikini.  The special effects are terrible.  Horrible.  Yet, for once they did the special effects with an air of the absurd worthy of CGI that seems to be happening on a different planet from the rest of the cast.  Also, I have to honestly say that the design for the shark/octopus hybrid was pretty strong.  I particularly liked the spikes coming out of the gill slit.  It made no sense, but it was interesting to look at.  Also, for those who were curious, the octopus beak was in the shark's belly not nestled in with the tentacles in the rear.

Extra points for having it's own theme song.  Don't see that a lot any more.  My favorite song of that nature is the Dickies doing "Killer Klowns from Outer Space."

As a bad joke of a bad film on a saturday night, it has become my second favorite after Mega Piranha.  Maybe they'll have "Sharktopus vs. Mega Piranhas."  Anything is possible with syfy movies except perhaps good taste.


  1. As someone who forced my boyfriend to watch it with touched on a cool point...i think the movie would have been WAY cooler if the beak was in the BUTT and the beak ATE Eric Roberts!! that would have made it instant classic!!!

  2. Well then it could excrete him right out again through the beak which would add the humiliation.. after all death isn't enough for that level of acting he did.